For making a world a better place, we do believe most important thing would be
people’s awareness and consciousness for peace.

There are No one answer for Peace.
There are so many different answer for peace.
because in this world we all have different background and environment
which related with race, religion, generation, gender, and nature environment.

If each individual person started to have a awareness, and consciousness for peace,
People would be about to think about peace at own place,
People would be able to act for Peace,
People would be able to spread the message for Peace,
People would be able to imagine Peace.

This is most important things.
And in this way would be most peaceful way and sustainable way
to find the problems & solve the problems at own place.


Because people who was born, who live at the place,
people know tradition,
people know culture,
People know history,
People know natural environment,
People from generation to generation, from ancestor people hand the knowledge down to younger generation.

Inside of all knowledge which was taught by ancestor,
There are huge message of peace.

If we all can share the knowledge & experiences with
people who have different frame of human being,
We would be able to raise our awareness & consciousness together,
We would be find best solution at each place.

Our approaching way of making a world a peaceful place for future Is
focus on individual power for peace & Multi-Culture, & Diversity, and
all together awakes people’s
awareness & consciousness for humanity & inner-peace.

We do have 3 steps of approaching way as bellow!!