School of Peace

The aim of “School of Peace” :

1.)To deepen & raise the awareness of Peace,
2.) To respect multi culture & diversity, and
3.) To grow the common global responsibility for this world.

Through 4 different way of actions such as

1. Exchanging program with other country school in order to deepen the awareness of multi-culture & diversity through logical way of communication “writing letter” – learning own country & other country culture, and share the every month peace & environmental action at own community.
(Through my walking actions I have had great connection with school in this world and I introduce those school for free and schools can start exchanging program.)

2. Peace lesson – from me -Yuji Miyata – Telling basic of our humanity & common purpose of our life.

3. Lecture from people who works for NGO or Organization which related with Peace issue

4.Peace Actions
*1-school side
*2-students group
*3 sharing new information of peace action
(Through this 3 pillar of actions way we try to make students to be able to * get new information of actions,
* encourage each other,* improve individual & group actions for peace, and * as main organizer all students to unite
and hold official peace actions at school as main organizer – in order to make young generation to be able to think, act and spread the message of peace individually and systematically.

5.Peace ceremony in September

Following the aims and doing the actions we try to reach the goal of project & grow great young generation to be a common citizen of peace & our mother earth.

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