Peace Week

“Peace Week Purpose and goal.”
is <Growing next young leaders for Peace & Giving a young generation an opportunity to be able to think about peace, act for peace and spread the message of peace from individual actions locally & globally uniting with people across the differences of human races.”>

The target of “Peace Week” is as follows:
Gathering international students from different countries;

Raising the young generation’s awareness to peace and the protection of the environment through practical learning works and activities such as:

* 1- Inspirational & encouragement part
The lecture from a world famous peace and environmental protection activist in order to raise the motivation that individually we can change the world a better place

* 2- Changing our mindset and acknowledge our world situation
A presentation and discussion: focusing on our social system, complex issue in our world such as poverty, pollution, destruction, war, conflict, and thinking how can we change our world from individual behaviour. These three topics student think the situation with the dynamic view from individual, small community, rural area, countrywide, and worldwide following the real sustainable way of community through different subject such as

*Food supply & consumption
(connection starting from nature preservation – health ourself – Healthy community –                Healthy   local business – Healthy rural area – healthy country – healthy world )

*Product healthy supply & consumption
(Nature preservation & balance between nature and human society – Individual human
rights & dignity – small community sustainable local economy – the countrywide sustainable     economy – worldwide sustainable economy)

*Zero Waste connecting Transportation & energy
(Through healthy & peaceful supply – reducing waste – preserving nature – using wasted          create circulation of sustainability – recreate – recycle – reuse – reduce for transportation –        energy or heating or create new business at local area)

(using the complex network – walk – bicycle – car – bus – train – aeroplane – create zero            CO2 mission in our world means good for the environment – good for our body health              through exercise – good for local transportation fee cost using the wasted product – and          sustainable transportation – connecting clean energy)

(Thinking the environment strong point, and think how to create the network of smart gride      with neighbour countries)

*Education & Elderly Care
(Individual happiness – family happiness – community happiness – city happiness – country       happiness – world happiness)

*Conclusion for making sustainable community design.

*3 – fieldwork as practical learning 
Following the 6 different topics – morning discuss and debate these topics, each day we go outside to check the local situation and have an experience of the real situation of the area and find the real problems and solve the problems.

*4 – Future Project Plan -practical work as a year program
Connecting all the information which we held, we will think about the students hometown situation and make a plan of a year project which can improve city situation sustainably.

The arrangement and organization of Peace Day activities by all students;

Moreover, we do try as joy and excitement – we will hold * Cultural exchange of children gifted in music, arts, and sport.

Through such activities, we are going to aspire to educate awareness about peace, how to act for peace and its propagation and how to imagine peace ourselves especially at young ages.

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