Peace Week

“Peace Week Purpose and goal.”
is <Growing next young leaders for Peace & Giving a young generation an opportunity to be able to think about peace, act for peace and spread the message of peace from individual actions locally & globally uniting with people across the differences of human races.”>

The target of “Peace Week” is as follows:

  1. Gathering international students from different countries;
  2. Raising the young generation’s awareness to peace and the protection of the environment through numerous activities such as:

* A lecture from a world famous peace and environment protection activist;

* A presentation and conference, focusing on the situation in different countries, during which the participants are going to negotiate future projects and international cooperation of clubs at their schools;

* The arrangement and organization of Peace Day activities by all students;

* Cultural exchange of children gifted in music, arts, and sport.
Through such activities, we are going to aspire to educate awareness about peace, how to act for peace and its propagation and
how to imagine peace ourselves especially at young ages.

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