What is your right to peace?

We believe that everybody has some reason to birth at this planet Earth.
Every single person has a “Right to Peace,” and “Dignity for Each LIFE.”

We are all family.
We are brother and sister.
No need to fight each other.

If we focus on our core heart of “Humanity,”
and as well as we interact with personal family,
we can co-exist with other people who have different background of the human being such as Race, Religion, Gender, and Generation.

Many people think we do not have power, we can not do anything for peace,
Although I would like to share this words,

“You cannot get through a single day
without having an impact on the world around you.
What you do makes a difference, and you need to decide
what kind of difference you want to make.”

It means all have incredible power and from our words and deeds we can make differences from our family, close people “friend” & “neighbour,” our community.
All depend on ourselves.

To awaken the people’s humanity, YUJI MIYATA who is a founder of this institution has done his peace action since 2007, and moreover, we established the Institute in 2013, have been trying to educate young generation and grew next young leader, and global citizen for peace through the various educational program.

How can we start to change the world a better place for peace and
Protection environment?- We all need to change our habit and behaviour.

1.) How? (To change our behaviour)
We need to make some local & global platform and network  
2.) Where?  ( At platform we need to ..)
We all can share the experiences, knowledge, Ideas, and find the problems and solve the problems.
3.) How can we make the platform? What we need to do?  
We need the education at each community and each size of human society thinking the world situation multiply.
 -1.) Beginner education for primary school kids – to raise the awareness,
 -2.) Intermediate training for high school to university – to have practical     learning for changing our habit and behaviour
 -3.) Advance education for Adult – in order to make people focus on their profession and          how  to make a sustainable system and social system in their field
 -4.) The support system of individual actions and organization.
4.)Who and How do we need to gather these people and
When (how often organize the educational program?
 – We need to build the connection through some inspirational speech or event to make people have the motivation to do some actions.
5.) How can we inspire the people giving them motivation?
Not just information which everybody can say, but as an example,
we need to do some actions. Otherwise, no one can get some inspiration and encouragement.

“Our WISH” is through the programs not only from our side but every single place in this world from Local Government, NGO, Public School, Educational Institution, to Ordinary people to start to have a high awareness of peace, and individually & systematically
all share the knowledge, information, experiences with everybody and altogether find the problems and solve the problems.
Everybody has wonderful potential and for peace, for protection environment, everybody needs to feel this responsibility and start some actions to make a world a better place.